What Our Customers Are Saying

Wash No More is great!! So easy to schedule a pickup on their website. They keep me informed about pickup and delivery, and return everything nicely folded and packaged the next day. Laundry was a hated chore and now is soooo easy.

Was looking for a laundry service and decided to give this company a try. Very convenient and great service. So glad to have eliminated laundry from my weekly tasks. 5 stars

I was referred to Wash No More by a friend who has been using them for a while. I loved the experience. Couldn’t be easier to place a pickup order, and next day all of my laundry was returned to my door cleaned, folded and packaged neatly in bags. Wish I had found this service sooner!

I have been using Wash No More for several weeks now. What a great time-saver to have them pick up the laundry at my home, wash and fold it, and then return it the next day. I have 4 kids that produce mountains of laundry. The amount of time this saves for me is incredible and worth every penny.